The MESG Token

MESG Foundation offers tokens through exchanges using an innovative Algorithmic Token Offering system

Algorithmic token offering

Supply Distribution

The supply distribution of 62.5% will be released in daily allotments.


Daily allotment will be calculated as a small percentage of the previous day’s trading volume, tying tokens released to actual demand.

Initial supply

On the first day of the exchange listing, 0.1% of the total supply will be released to initiate the supply.


Metrics will be published daily to enhance transparency between the MESG Foundation and the community.

The MESG Token

Token Distribution

  • Total token supply 250MM
  • Sale Distribution 62.5%
  • Reserve 20%
  • Team and Founders 12.5%
  • Partners & Bounties 5%

Build Modules, Earn Tokens

The MESG Token will be available soon. Introducing the token for the new economy of development.