The MESG Token

Buy and sell app components in the new economy of app development.

You can buy and trade the MESG Token on:

The MESG Token’s utility

Decentralize executions

You can become a part of the decentralized network by executing transactions for other applications, all while being rewarded for your participation.

Secure the network

All participants stake MESG Tokens to commit to their availability and good behavior. Then, participants are rewarded for validating each execution.

Buy and sell Modules

App components, called Modules, are bought and sold using the MESG Token. Then Modules can be used in any app, no complex coding required.

Algorithmic Token Distribution

Supply distribution

The supply distribution of 62.5% will be released in daily allotments.

The algorithm

Daily allotment will be calculated as a small percentage of the previous day’s trading volume, tying tokens released to actual demand.

Initial supply

0.1% of the total supply was released on the first day of exchange listing to initiate the supply.


Metrics will be published daily to enhance transparency between the MESG Foundation and the community.

Token Distribution

  • Total token supply 250MM
  • Sale Distribution 62.5%
  • Reserve 20%
  • Team and Founders 12.5%
  • Partners & Bounties 5%

MESG Token

How to buy the MESG Token

New to utility tokens? We’ve written a step-by-step tutorial of how to buy MESG Tokens on DigiFinex.

Buy and trade the MESG Token