The MESG Roadmap

Our vision is to make business integration simple by becoming the universally-used platform for connecting traditional technology to trustless systems.

  • 2019

    • Q1

      +5 partners using MESG


      • Runs on Ethereum Mainnet
      • Developers can earn tokens by licensing their Modules
      • Users reuse existing Modules to create applications

      Release of the MESG Token

      • Listed on exchanges
      • Created as an ERC20 on the Ethereum Mainnet
      • Enables access to the Modules on the Marketplace
    • Q2

      +10 partners using MESG

      MESG Application

      • No need to code anymore
      • Anyone can build a MESG application
    • Q3

      +10 partners using MESG

      Test Net

      • Modules are executed directly on the decentralized network
      • Users no longer need to run Modules on their own computers
  • 2020

    • Q1

      +25 partners using MESG

      Public Network

      • Release of native MESG Token
      • Launch of the full MESG Token economy
      • Self-regulating ecosystem consistently increasing the value of the MESG Token
      • ERC20 tokens converted to MESG Tokens

MESG Enterprise Solutions

  • A profit-driven subsidiary of the MESG Foundation
  • Delivering the global standard for the enterprise adoption of decentralized technology