MESG Marketplace

The new economy for buying and selling modular application components. Choose new application features, or monetize off the ones you create.


The MESG Marketplace is made up of by two kinds of participants: some create Modules and get rewarded for their work, and others save time in the integration of powerful features.

Monetize your development skills

MESG has a market-driven economy where developers generate income by building Modules and making them available to others to employ in their own applications.

Modules are discreet, functional components of applications built by developers that can make up significant portions of apps, such as connections to APIs or blockchains. Once built, Modules can be sold, purchased or re-used.

The creators of Modules are free to choose the price in MESG Tokens that developers will pay to use them. Upon each Module integration, a token payment is delivered back to the creator.

This economy is set to debut at the end of Q1, 2019. Get a head start by creating Modules today!

Integrate powerful features

Modules purchased on the Marketplace can be easily plugged into any application.

This eliminates much of the repetitive work in development, delivering companies and developers significant time savings, not only in deployment, but in maintenance throughout the life of the application.

Plus, MESG’s open Marketplace gives developers access to exciting, cutting-edge Modules, which allow quick implementation of features from the most popular and useful technologies.

Developers and companies seeking accelerated efficiency and exciting features form the other major player in the MESG Marketplace, creating steady demand in the economy of development.

Until the release of the Marketplace at the end of Q1 2019, all Modules will temporarily be shared for free on Github.

Even more ways to benefit

Once MESG’s decentralized network launches (Q1 2020), there will be even more ways for participants to earn and save - no development skills required.

Users can simply run their computers to support the processing of data in the Network, and will receive payment in MESG Tokens for their participation.

Soon after the network is launched, payment for Modules will transition from a one-time fee, to menu of different choices available to creators, adding options like subscription and pay-per-use, and include freemium and free trial options as well.

Plus, even more time can be saved as developers and companies will no longer need to manage their own infrastructures. Simply select desired functionalities and allow the MESG Network to do the heavy lifting.

Get started today

MESG’s revolutionary development tool is available now, allowing you to build and connect apps and Modules.

To get started, open your terminal and run:

bash <(curl -fsSL