MESG Engine

Connect and automate divergent tech with the MESG Engine. Now you can gain control over the flow of data and level of security between your whole stack of connected systems.


Divergent tech

Today, one of the biggest challenges in the tech industry is the efficient connection between separate systems. Companies spend hundreds of billions of dollars annually to connect them. To make matters worse, each year, an increasing number of disparate new devices, products and applications are created.

Optimize development hours

Today’s popular way of developing applications is to code a direct connection between two or more systems. This process is costly, inefficient and requires frequent and complex overhauls.

Connections are everything

MESG is for building modular applications with ultimate flexibility, allowing for the connection of nearly every system and technology in a normalized way. MESG Modules connect directly to the source of data through APIs, decentralized networks or standalone microservices. The MESG Engine then provides connectivity between those Modules and other devices and applications.

Build solutions - Be useful

The Engine allows you to control the flow of data and the level of security between all connected technologies. Modules can be combined together into workflows, and those workflows can be combined into applications. The opportunities and possibilities are limitless.

Start optimizing today

Find out how you can start automating, streamlining and expanding your business today with MESG.