Build applications
connecting any technologies

Automate and expand business functions through a decentralized reward-driven ecosystem.

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Business integration made simple

MESG has a single vision: To become the universally-used platform for connecting traditional technology to trustless systems.

The MESG infrastructure allows your business to connect to any technology which sends or receives data, regardless of the programming language.

It’s free to sign up, easy to use, works with your existing software stack, and can cut development & maintenance costs by 50% or more.

Connect anything

Today, many popular business solutions do not share data or integrate with each other. This makes it expensive and time consuming for companies to scale effectively.

MESG allows previously-incompatible devices to exchange information, creating a new world of business opportunities. Build new solutions by combining any technologies together, including blockchains or Web APIs.

Supercharge existing businesses

Connect your software suite to MESG to gain access to technologies that can optimize operations, reach new markets, or deliver excellent user experiences.

Any corporate software can be connected to the MESG Network, which means you can now integrate and automate functionalities such as email, notifications, payments, or literally any other third-party technology.

With MESG, connect to the blockchain components your business needs, avoiding the constraints of full adoption.

Grow your network

Discover the power of a decentralized network.

MESG’s decentralized network offers users instant and unlimited scale for their custom integrations, without the worry of frustrating downtime or network bottlenecks.

Achieve limitless expansion within a single tool; MESG doesn’t limit customers to predefined channels of growth. Implement the features you need, when you need them.

Generate income while accelerating productivity

An economy is built within MESG powered by the sharing and reuse of code. Applications and their components are shared and reused through an open marketplace, expediting the development process.

Anyone can receive income with MESG by participating in the Network.