Build applications connecting any technologies

Automate and expand business functions through a decentralized reward-driven ecosystem.


An ultra-efficient solution built for you

MESG is fueled by a single vision: to create a building platform powered by automation that is infinitely compatible and massively efficient.

The MESG infrastructure is a combination of best processes that deliver power and efficiency: an open source infrastructure featuring event-driven architecture for building businesses and apps connecting technologies through a decentralized Core.

It gives developers and entrepreneurs complete freedom to own their ideas, plus the flexibility to implement them when and how they want to, all while getting rewarded for their participation in the network.


Connect anything

Build applications that easily connect any technologies together, including any blockchains or web APIs. Imagine the possibilities: any technology connecting to anything else with data through a decentralized network. There has never been a solution quite like this before.

Supercharge existing apps

By connecting your existing app to MESG Core, your app accesses leading-edge technologies to deliver excellent user experiences.

Existing blockchain DApp can easily be connected to the MESG Network, which means you can now give any DApp advanced functionalities such as email notifications, payment confirmations, or literally any other third party technology, including any blockchains or Web APIs.


Grow your network

Discover the power of a decentralized network.

Once deployed, apps live on the Network, so you won’t need to run a server to keep your app or business running.

Through the Network, you’ll have access to all other previously-connected technologies or industries, giving your app or business superpowers.

Now your apps or business can be truly serverless.

Generate income while accelerating your productivity

The MESG economy is fueled by the sharing and reuse of code. Services and Applications are shared and reused through an open marketplace, expediting the development process.

You can create residual income by building Services and Applications, or simply by participating in the network. Creators of apps can choose how much each actor in the network, including the creator themselves, is paid for their participation. This creates a value-driven economy and community-driven governance.


What is a business if not a collection of functions?

MESG allows you to easily automate and connect business functions, streamline processes and even allow departments or even industries to work together without a hitch. No coding required.

Any function from any industry can work in combination with any other. Simply slot in functionalities to create or scale a business, expand to other industries or markets, or create entirely new products.

Achieve infinite growth and expansion within a single tool; no need to seek out new tools or find new solutions as you grow. You can take MESG’s muscle and agility with you from startup to multi-national corporation.

The only limit is your imagination.


Paving the way to mass blockchain adoption


App users are responsible for direct interaction with technologies

Current system

One major reason blockchain blockchain apps have been unsuccessful is because of their steep barrier to entry. Currently, users have to pay every time they interact with blockchain apps. This is unlike any popular Web 2.0 application, such as Facebook or Google, which allow users to adopt the technology for free. This seamless user experience is critical for blockchain’s mass adoption.

MESG System

With MESG, blockchain developers can pay the overhead, saving the users from a cumbersome experience, and then generate income via other avenues such as advertising, much like Web 2.0 applications. You can easily set up blockchain apps to function without requiring the user to pay to send data.


App users bypass the complexities by using MESG