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MESG is an open-source technology-agnostic framework for developing service-oriented applications. It’s a building platform where services can be connected to all technologies and be reused and shared so you can focus on innovation rather than implementation.

Event-driven architecture and interoperability meets decentralization.

bash <(curl -s

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Share and Reuse Services

By connecting services to Core rather than your application, they can be re-used and shared, effectively transforming services into sharable commodities.

Core features event-driven architecture, allowing you to experiment with different services, including cross-chain transactions. This allows maximum flexibility to keep iterating your application until your perfect solution is developed.

That’s just the beginning. Together we're building a decentralized infrastructure so developers can just plug and play and be rewarded for their contributions. Core is launching a new era

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The right tool for all your needs

With MESG, you can create an application connected to any technology you’d like,
from traditional web services to Blockchain technologies.

Technology Agnostic

Connect any technology. If a technology can send and/or receive data, it can be connected to MESG.

Connections can come from any web service, blockchain technology, IoT or private event system

You get the idea, anything with data can be connected to MESG.

Community driven

Come join us in creating this amazing tool that helps users build applications with ease.

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Latest version:

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  • June 2018

    Core Launched

    Create your services and connect them together with your application through a single connection to Core, allowing Core to handle all communications and interoperability with any technology.

  • Q3 2018

    Rapid Deployment

    No need to code your application anymore, just send a list of events with corresponding tasks within a simple configuration file to Core which will then execute tasks on your application’s behalf.

  • Q4 2018

    Beta Network

    The beta decentralized Network means no coding or servers are necessary to run your applications. Connect thousands of services or applications from our shared repository.

  • Q3 2019

    Main Network

    MESG launches its own blockchain Network providing for full scalability and a cheaper and faster user experience. The main network will host the full functionality of the value-driven open market for the sharing of services.

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